Exchange Tower Base Building Upgrades

In keeping with Exchange Towers premium brand as a number one provider of first-class office space in Perth, OPRA Projects were engaged to complete full base building upgrade works on Levels 31, 32 and 33, and, on separate contracts, Level 12 and Level 19.

For Levels 31, 32 and 33, OPRA Projects and our team of specialist subcontractors achieved a ‘disruption free’ delivery within a challenging 71-day programme and have developed a keen understanding of the building; it’s tenants, it’s facilities, the facilities teams and the relevant stakeholders.

With the carry-on of Level 12, Level 19, as well as the tenancy fit-out works, OPRA Projects’ day-to-day operations have been embedded within those of the Exchange Tower facilities team and we believe we can say, they’d be very happy to continue working with us.

Commercial Workplace


Health and Aged Care


Hospitality and Retail