T1 Common Use Self Service (CUSS) Check-in Kiosk and Bag Drop

OPRA Projects were engaged as a head contractor to remove the existing check-in counters and service desk and replace them with a new service desk and automatic check-in and bag drop system.

Scope of works included; demolition, concrete works, structural steel, electrical & communications, audiovisual, tiling and carpet, joinery and metalwork, and equipment installation.

The works were completed out of hours and remained safe to the general public at all times, with each stage requiring a strategy to ensure zero potential for public interface.

Initially, the project worked on an accelerated programme until Covid-19 hit. Fast-acting consultation with stakeholders meant modifications could be put in place to allow for long lead times and new protocols to maintain the safety of all trades and personnel on-site.

Noise and dust management was also a factor requiring constant monitoring of works.

Commercial Workplace


Health and Aged Care


Hospitality and Retail