Health and Aged Care

Dedicated to supporting some of the most vulnerable and fragile people within our community, health and aged care providers represent a growing sector within fit-out and refurbishment, and the wider construction industry.

Working within health and aged-care helped lay the foundations for OPRA Projects as a new business. In 2015, health and aged-care was a significant focus of our first year and still contributes to our growing success now. The healthcare sector includes some of our most challenging and complex projects.

OPRA Projects have learned that working within the health and aged-care sector offers the most exposure to end users and the most client risk. Maintaining safety and security of patients, when facilities are often operational, is absolutely critical to project success. OPRA Projects have consistently been able to demonstrate this commitment for our clients.

Aged Care

Additional to the stringent and complex site conditions, aged-care facilities are often Not-for-Profit. In identifying that Not-for-Profit businesses seek to give back to the community and achieve better outcomes through the success of their projects, OPRA Projects provide a partnered approach and actively engage with professional teams to see that design and budget goals are achieved.


Healthcare projects will have multiple stakeholders. Large professional teams consulting on each technical aspect of the project, such as critical services, medical equipment and compliance on design and engineering, are required for third-party commissioning before Project Completion can be achieved. Client supply of medical equipment and additional services such as medical gases will also become OPRA Projects responsibility.